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Mac's On Main

Review by Frank Geslani | Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

Is it a coincidence that Macテ「冱 on Mainテ「冱 initials spell M-O-M? Probably, but itテ「冱 completely apropos. Thereテ「冱 something homey and inviting in this version of Macテ「冱, which moved from its original location off 121 in Colleyville to Grapevineテ「冱 Main Street (thereテ「冱 another location in Arlington). Dining here feels like being a guest at a lively dinner party in a cozy loftテ「蚤nd the food tastes like the special recipes mom trotted out for decent company.

Helming the restaurant is chefowner, Rena Frost (which, for the record, is the perfect spy name). Frost can often be spotted in the dining room engaging patrons in light conversation, but she times her departures gracefully to let guests enjoy their meals. Her low key affability belies her gentility, and that same spirit suffuses the whole Macテ「冱 team. We found everyoneテ「塗osts, servers and bussersテ「蚤ttentive, but generally inobtrusive.

The menu sticks to comforting favorites. Youテ「冤l be familiar with their versions of gumbo, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, goat cheese quesadillas and grilled scallops. We chose to start with manduテ「把risp, meat-filled dumplings inspired by Frostテ「冱 own Korean mother. Theyテ「决e a fine introduction to Frostテ「冱 culinary sensibility which focuses on flavor above all else and stays true to the qualities that make them classics in the first place.

Main dishes also color inside the lines, but beautifully so. Youテ「冤l find fare like grilled salmon, chicken fried steak, and pecan crusted rainbow trout on their list of specialties. We opted for one seafood dish and one meat dish. Our server recommended the shrimp etoufee, and itテ「冱 a solid version. He also praised the prime rib, and we enjoyed that even more. Prime rib has mostly faded from the modern dining conversation. I predict a revival. Besides its throwback appeal, prime rib is a flat-out satiating cut of meat. I had forgotten how tender and juicy a good prime rib can be, and theyテ「决e right to pat themselves on the back for this preparation.

Macテ「冱 テ「彳verything made from scratchテ「 ethos continues with dessert. Again, you wonテ「冲 be thrown by any of the optionsテ「婆ey lime pie, creme brulee, bread puddingテ「巴ut they shouldn't be overlooked. We ended our meal on a high note with a turtle cheesecake that stands out among the legion of cheesecakes littering mainstream dining. You can thank the bartender (who, it turns out, is some kind of cheesecake savant) for its not-too-sweet, not-too-funky, not-too-dense execution. Momテ「冱 already hitting him up for the recipe. Sorry, mom. We hate to say it, but bar manテ「冱 cheesecake game is on another level.

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