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Pure Health Lounge

Review by Frank Geslani | Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

Juicing was once a big part of my life. Every morning, I juiced kale, celery, Swiss chard, lettuce, beets, apples, ginger, lemons, pineapple, cucumberテ「牌arying combinations and quantities. In the roughly eight months I did this prudently, Iテ「囘 never felt better in my life. I coasted through cold and flu season with nary a sniffle. I lost weight. I had energy to spare. Despite all of that, I couldnテ「冲 sustain it, not full-bore at least. As with most diets, it was isolating. But when my wife told me about Pure Health Lounge on the outer edges of Southlake Town Square, I suddenly didnテ「冲 feel so alone.

Donテ「冲 mistake them for just another smoothie place. Yes, they have smoothies, good smoothies, but they share equal billing with freshly squeezed juices, salads, wraps and organic coffee. They carry a limited selection of gluten-free and paleo goodies. They even had house-made cashew milk at one visit.

In its early days, Pure probably sold more Diet Cokes than wheatgrass shots. 2012 was a tough year for owners Mike and Carolyn Darretta. There was a steep learning curve for customers and for the Darrettas themselves. With a slow start, they piled on unexpected expenses, fell behind on rent and even faced eviction.

Then business exploded. Curiosity seekers became regulars. Some crave their favorite juice テ「徭queezesテ「 more fiercely than coffee. Spinach and kale have become common additions to smoothies. One concoction called the Green Queen Jackie was created by and named for one of their regulars, and itテ「冱 found its own following. Business is up 80 percent over this time last year, according to Mike. That kind of turnaround is nothing short of a miracle, and it hasnテ「冲 been lost on the Darrettas who credit their faith for seeing them through tough times. テ「廨od is good,テ「 beams Mike. テ「弋he blessing is unbelievable here.テ「

テ「廬t took a lot of prayer,テ「 says Carolyn. テ「廣 lot of people from Gateway (where they attend) came in and prayed for us.テ「 Gateway members, in fact, are some of their best customers. While holiness may have touched the place, it never feels holier-than-thou. The Darrettas are genuinely warm hosts. I found out after just two visits that Mike is a hugger.

For their brand of healthful living, the Darrettas are their own best spokespeople. Carolyn attributes natural foods for helping treat a serious bladder condition without prescription drugs. Mike says juicing played a big part in his 50 pound weight loss. Their message is simpleテ「杷resh food wins it over fast food. And, it helps when itテ「冱 this tasty. The squeezes we triedテ「杯he Cold Fighter, the Body Cleanser and the Pure Greenテ「派ave that naturally sweet and earthy balance that can only come from fresh produce. They even have one or 3-day juice cleanses for a potent kick-start. Their smoothies, like the Mango Madness and Strawberry Sensation, are perfectly cool for summer. The Green Queen Jackie, despite its, well, greenness, is surprisingly rich and satisfying. Solid food like their Veggie Extreme wrap and Baby Spinach salad (p.74) are generously portioned and let the purity of their ingredients shine.

Can you go on a restricted diet and still call yourself a foodie? I have, and I am. I admit my appetite is easily swayed by a persuasive short rib taco or chocolate pot de creme, but you canテ「冲 call yourself a true foodie unless you embrace all aspects of food, the decadent and the virtuous. With Pure Health Lounge on the scene, itテ「冱 possible to have both.

Pure Health Loungeテつ |テつ 1244 Prospect Streetテつ |テつ Southlake 76092テつ
(817) 481-2211テつ |テつ www.facebook.com/Puresouthlake