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Nothing Bundt Cakes

Review by Frank Geslani | Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

Bundt cakeテ「冱 time has come. We have all ridden the cupcake wave for way too long. Thanks to Nothing Bundt Cakes, folks are coming back テ「徨oundテ「 to its simple joysテ「馬ot the least of which is sharing.

These bundts make great corporate gifts. Owner Dee Dee Anderson recalls one major client who came into the store after a colleague brought a half-eaten cake to work. (Yes, they even snag clients off of leftovers.) What better way to say テ「thank you for your businessテ「 than giving some homemade goodness without the awkwardness of actually making it at home. They also keep remarkably well.

NBC makes bundt buying half the fun. Their location in Southlake Town Square is equal parts bakery and retail store, with an aesthetic lifted from their hip-meets-nostalgia logo and happy color scheme.

While their cakes donテ「冲 stray from the nine signature flavors and one flavor of the month, they have dozens of design variations to fit any occasion. All of them incorporate the bundt theme in clever ways. I get a kick out of this oneテ「妊esign #008 テ「彝eal Men Donテ「冲 Eat Square Cakes.テ「 Itテ「冱 topped with manly brown ribbon and a vintage black and white photo of a boy-man hoisting a fork-shaped barbell over his head. It makes me giggle.

Hereテ「冱 something fun. Order all ten flavors at Nothing Bundt Cakes in the diminutive bundtlet size then have a tasting party. This went over really well at Casa Geslani, especially when I tasked my kids with playing food critic for a day. We sampled each of the flavors, assigned a star rating to each one and came up with our Top 5. Calm down, I know you have your favorites and it should be noted that all the flavors are uniformly moist and crowned with their sublimely gooey frosting. Our findings are by no means definitive, but sharing cake puts us in the spirit of sharing opinions.

CINNAMON SWIRL: Wonderful for breakfast, especially if youテ「决e feeling indulgent.

WHITE WHITE CHOCOLATE: Clean and classicテ「罵ike the vanilla flavor for bundt cakes. MARBLE: Itテ「冱 not just for the indecisive. Itテ「冱 decidedly delicious.

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRy: Responsible for many OMG taste moments.

LEMON テ「 Sweet. Tart. Fragrant. Itテ「冱 perfection in bundt form.

Bundt cake is pure nostalgic glee, with a hole in the middle. Itテ「冱 that baking smell that fills the entire house. Itテ「冱 seeing it slip out of the mold with its golden waves and ridges still intact. Itテ「冱 that nagging impatience while it cools. Itテ「冱 cutting into it. Itテ「冱 finally eating it. Itテ「冱 thinking, テ「廣ll cake should taste this good.テ「

I, for one, am very thankful that I can replicate that same experience without even having to preheat an oven.

Nothing Bundt Cakesテつ |テつ Southlake Town Square
339 North Carroll Avenueテつ |テつ Southlake 76092テつ |テつ (817) 416-6228テつ |テつ www.nothingbundtcakes.com