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Milwaukee Joeテ「冱
Gourmet Ice Cream

Review by Frank Geslani | Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

Ice cream is summerテ「ツヲ and boy do we get summers like no one else in the country. Itテ「冱 funny though, my craving for rich, high butterfat percentage, creamy, frozen goodness tends to rise with the mercury and around here thatテ「冱 a long way up.

I should be trying to shed my own high butterfat percentage (which I conspicuously carry around my midsection), maybe with lighter fare like non-fat frozen yogurt, or grapes or celery. But who am I kidding? Milwaukee Joeテ「冱 in the summertime may as well have floodlights in front of it. Itテ「冱 a beacon for the sweaty masses yearning to escape toテ「ツヲ Milwaukee, where itテ「冱 bound to be at least 80 degrees cooler at any given time of the year. Where cows are fed a steady diet of creme brulee and snickerdoodles to produce the kind of milk that eventually becomes Butter Crunch ice cream. Milwaukee must be heaven on earth.

Ice cream is childhoodテ「ツヲ because children have zero self-awareness when it comes to ordering the stuff. Cテ「冦on, whenテ「冱 the last time you, Mr./Ms. Grownup, ordered Cotton Candy ice cream with candy sprinkles in a waffle cone covered in candy sprinkles? And no, sampling Disco Lives just because you had to figure out what DayGlo colored ice cream tastes like doesnテ「冲 count. Children have absolutely no ego when it comes to ice cream. They order flavors that they know will taste as close to pure sugar as possible. Take the McCaskill kids (Jack, Maddie, Joe and Caroline) cute as a row of buttons, but hopelessly addicted to the pink stuff. Yes, all but little Jack ordered Cotton Candy ice cream with sprinkles. He had wisdom and restraint beyond his years to order chocolate. In fact, you wouldnテ「冲 even know he was a child if he didnテ「冲 have ice cream smeared all over his nose. Clearly the young man is a connoisseur, savvy enough to smell for structure and balance in the chocolaty bouquet.

Ice cream is so much funテ「ツヲ but donテ「冲 tell Jennifer Hayテ「冱 dadテ「尿llen Simmons. You see, while his daughter is busy having all the fun, (i.e. running the business) heテ「冱 doing hard, back-breaking work creating new flavors. Oh, the late nights that must have gone into taste testing Chocolate with Jack Daniels. (Ice cream is grown up, too.) How many monkeys must have suffered to create the bananalicious Funky Chunky Monkey? My guess, only the funkiest ones. Only Allen will ever know.

Ice cream is what heaven must taste likeテ「ツヲ and Grandma Fred is up there making her sublime cheesecake and accidently dropping massive chunks of it into ice cream. To die for. And, if youテ「决e willing to risk going the opposite direction, order it with a scoop of Lemon Custard. A match made in heaven? Sinful is more like it.

Summertime is ice cream time. Those lucky so-and-sos at the local Milwaukee Joeテ「冱テ「ツヲ they get summer all year long. Lucky us. We get Milwaukee Joeテ「冱.

Milwaukee Joe's Gourmet Ice Creamテつ |テつ Southlake Town Squareテつ | 1417 Main St.テつ |テつ (817) 251-1667
Village at Colleyville テ「ツ「 33 Main St.テつ |テつ Suite 100テつ |テつ Colleyvilleテつ |テつ milwaukeejoesicecream.com