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Juice Junkies

A Healthy Addiction

Review by Frank Geslani

My wife and I slogged into Juice Junkies at Arthouse Keller with our dowdiest sweats, coughing as discreetly as we could, but unable to conceal that unmistakable rattle of mucus in our lungs. The staff must have had absolute faith in their immune systems because their smiles gave nothing away. They efficiently pointed us to their lineup of テ「徼ough loveテ「 juices, small bottles of fresh tonics with purported healing properties, テ「徘ocket rocketsテ「 they call them. It wasnテ「冲 a hard sell. We were already craving something like their テ「彡old buster,テ「 a tangy blend of lemon, honey, garlic, and super-filtered waterテ「俳r the テ「徭un king,テ「 a bracing mix of orange, lemon, ginger, oregano oil, and cayenne. Our bodies were crying out for this stuff, and luckily, Juice Junkies was nearby to fit the bill. Opening in the middle of cold and flu season was a stroke of genius.

Hillary Biediger, founder and owner of Juice Junkies, got her first taste of cold-pressed green juice in New York, where she pounded the pavement hoping to be discovered on Broadway. Instead, she discovered a natural, caffeine-free source of boundless energy. She is careful to avoid any overt medical claims about her brand of organic, coldpressed juices, but Iテ「冤l make one. In the year or so that I was consistently juicing I never once got sick. Biedigerテ「冱 team doesnテ「冲 need to proselytize. By now, most people grasp the virtues of organic ingredients. Cold-pressing, too, is generally accepted as a superior method of juice extraction (all of which you can read about on their website).

Experienced juicers know immediately that Juice Junkies sells an exceptional productテ「把leaner tasting, grit and pulp free, and thoughtfully blended. Some of our favorites include テ「彿tテ「冱 only love,テ「 a smooth mix of beet, carrot, cucumber, apple, kale, lemon, and ginger; the jolting テ「徑ight my fireテ「 with orange, carrot, beet, lime, and jalapeno; and the tangy テ「徇oondanceテ「 that combines orange, lemon, apple, ginger, and turmeric.

Their almond milks are revelatory, strained in three stages to achieve a smooth, mellow consistency and creamy despite being free of emulsifiers. Their テ「徃oldenテ「 variety adds the comforting spice of cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric. As the base for their dreamy smoothies and warm lattes (made with organic, fair trade, cold brewed coffee), the house-made almond milks make you forget that theyテ「决e dairy-free.

Their selection of solid foods reads like a health guruテ「冱 grocery listテ「婆ale salad, acai bowls, nori chips, raw cacao trufflesテ「巴ut theyテ「决e quite tasty. Quinoa with curry vinaigrette and cashews is a substantial and flavorful lunch. A roasted red pepper spread is vegan friendly, but more importantly, taste bud friendly, and makes a zesty snack with crudites or crackers.

Juice Junkies uses organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, and cold-pressing is a costly process. Given those factors, their pricing is fair. If I could replicate their results at home, I would, but I probably canテ「冲. I tried making homemade almond milk once, and it was a gritty, sludgy mess. Iテ「囘 happily pay for Juice Junkieテ「冱 version just to avoid the lengthy prep and clean up, not to mention that my whole family loved it. Iテ「冦 comfortable paying more when I know Iテ「冦 getting a superior product. If itテ「冱 acceptable for fine dining, then it ought to be acceptable for healthy dining, too.

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