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Fireside Pies

Article by Frank Geslani | Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

I am totally geeked about the high-end pizza trend. But, I know everyone isn̢۪t swayed. Here̢۪s the common grumble from holdouts: how is my favorite delivery pie any better than your dressed-up, sit-down pie?

Ponder the question while biting into a slice of Fireside Pie’s Triple ‘Roni. Notice the kick fromthe pepperoni? Detect the nuttiness of truffle oil? See that hand-torn basil? Nice, mouth-feel on that crust, eh? Seems to have developed that perfect char fromthe pecan wood-fired oven in the open kitchen. We can consider this discussion closed. You know you like the fancy-pants pizza!

If you’re like me, you’ll follow the herd to Fireside Pie’s new Grapevine location. The original in Knox-Henderson still corrals ‘em, but this North Tarrant sibling offers everything the original does and more: slanted louvers, dark woods and a shaded patio. Grapevine can be thankful for a generally shorter wait, but only for the time being. Judging by the crowd on a Monday night, it has already built a following.

The menu is clearly chef-driven with a surprising number of artisanal ingredients: Pt. Reyes bleu cheese, mozzarella from Dallas’ Mozzarella Company, locally-sourced produce. Consider the requisite bruschetta starter. Everyone has it on their menu, but Fireside Pie’s version hits you with a visual wallop. At first, I wondered, where are the tomatoes? Then the obvious realization hits, tomatoes come in different colors—Technicolor hues, in fact—and that they taste darn good with crimini mushrooms, pine nuts, Sonoma goat cheese, garlic-spiked bread and a hint of citrus.

Their humbly titled Italian Salad is equally revelatory. What could be just another gargantuan, big-chain mass of greens is finessed with crispy bits of Sopressata Salami and cleverly anointed with its drippings. But, enough of the starters. Pizzas are the grand stage for cured meats, and the ones here containing Scamorza (sausage), Prosciutto and salami let their meatiness shine. For the less carnivorous, the Peta Pie with goat cheese, portabella mushrooms, pine nuts and charred tomato vinaigrette is a jolt of tangy freshness.

Finish it off with a seasonal cobbler. Theirs is made with Texas peaches. Its warm crust, crisp and buttery like a good shortbread, gracefully counters the slow-melting Butter Pecan ice creamatop. The Grapevine location, we were told, is the only one that serves it, but once their stock runs out, it̢۪s gone until next peach season. Yet another reason to go now.

Fireside Pies | 1285 South Main Street | Grapevine 76051 | (817) 416-1285 | www.FiresidePies.com