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Elote Mexican Kitchen

Photos by Lorraine Haan-Stewart | Review by frank Geslani

With Elote, Cynthia and Justin Loebテ「俳wners of the local gem, Oliva, just across the streetテ「派ave given North Fort Worth some sorely-needed sabor. Itテ「冱 also the one of the few places that accommodates my familyテ「冱 differing tastes and sensitivities. We may have had everything on their menu, so to keep my word count in check, here are the TEN THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT ELOTE (in no particular order):

1. Breakfast: Our Saturday and Sunday mornings start off far better with Eloteテ「冱 breakfast tacos, burritos and a wealth of huevos. We like our tacos and burritos with their house made chorizo.

2. Elote Especial: Roasted corn is sliced off the cob and anointed with mayo, crumbly cotija cheese, lime and housemade chili powder.

3. Queso: Queso is queso, right? Not if youテ「况e got a wheat sensitivity or gluten intolerance. I couldnテ「冲 imagine a world where my children couldnテ「冲 experience the joy of tortilla chips baptized in hot, viscous cheese. Alas, my son, who is allergic to wheat, canテ「冲 consume many restaurant quesos because their bechamel bases contain wheat flour. Cynthia Loeb, who is gluten free, makes sure queso (and most of the menu) can be enjoyed by all. Gracias, Sra. Loeb!

4. Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos: We love the braised beef, carne asada and slow-cooked brisket tacos, but by far our favorite meaty substance for tacos is fish. Eloteテ「冱 mahi-mahi tacos take us straight back to Southern California, eating fish tacos by the beach. Close your eyes and let each bite of crunchy slaw, fish, pico de gallo, and lime-kissed mayo take you there, too.

5. Elote-Quitos:Our one complaint about these crisp and savory taquitos filled with chicken or beefテ「杯here are only four. Ten is a nice round number.

6. Casa Salad: This is one massive salad. Greens come with a choice of meat (we like brisket) roasted corn, black beans, slices of avocado, tomatoes, jack cheese, crispy tortilla strips and a choice of dressing. Iテ「冦 full just describing it.

7. Nacho Mama: Itテ「冱 kind of like the Casa Salad, but with tortilla chips instead of greens. So itテ「冱 almost a salad, right?

8. Shorties: Kids get a lot of love here, so itテ「冱 no surprise that Elote is frequented after special events at neighboring schools. Kids have plenty of choices and, at about four bucks, a lot to stuff in their greedy little faces for not a lot of dinero.

9. Margarita Madness: Halfpriced テ「腕itas all day Monday. El fin.

10. Delivery: Oh yeah, they deliver! So if you live in or near Woodland Springs, youテ「决e probably eating some Elote right now. El fin, for real this time.

Elote Mexican Restaurantテつ |テつ 12584 North Beach Streetテつ |テつ Fort Worth 76244
(817) 741 - 3600テつ |テつ www.elotemex.com