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Showering Strangers with love

Article by Shannon Stewart Salinsky

âMy very first mission trip was to Mexico. I was in the 5th grade and was there for a week. After that, I didnât go on another one until I was 16,â said Victoria Otero of Colleyville. âI went to Cuernavaca with my grandma. I was the youngest missionary among our group. Iâll never forget that experience the rest of my life.â

She said that even though it may be hard for some to believe, people were being healed and demons were being cast out right before her eyes. At first, Otero said the experience scared her a little. Then the experience began to reveal to her what being a child of God really means.

âI started to grow intensely in my spirituality. My love for God and my understanding of just what it means to be His child began to deepen. I grew in my understanding of mission work and my spiritual side grew leaps and bounds. All this lit a fire in me to go right up to strangers and talk to them about the love of God,â she said.

On Fire for Christ | After that trip, Otero started going on mission trip after mission trip. In all, she has visited six countries, which include Mexico, South Africa, Honduras, Germany, Guatemala and Brazil.

She credits Angie League for helping her find her identity in Christ, which enabled her to have confidence to go out on missions. Angie was her mentor as a teenager. They visited every Saturday and later became good friends. This eventually led to Otero mentoring other teenage girls as well, just as Angie had done with her.

âI donât think Victoria ever realized how much she was impacting young girlâs lives,â said Oteroâs mother, April Beling. âShe has helped mold many lives and weâre so proud of her.â

Realizing that public school was not for her, Otero transferred to Legacy Christian School of Colleyville after her junior year. Otero said the private school setting was much more suited for her needs and since the classes were accomplished at an individualâs paceâshe was able to go on several more mission trips.

âAll of this only fueled the fire in me to tell strangers about Christ even more. I began to get very interested in social justice for the young girls who are caught up in human trafficking.â

Raising Human Trafficking Awareness | To raise awareness, one of Oteroâs mission groups went out into the streets of Carnival in Mazatlan. The girls from her mission group dressed up as prostitutes and chained themselves to their male counterparts, who were playing the role of pimps. Otero said educating the public is the key to ending human trafficking.

They wore signs that said:

⢠Mexico is the 2nd largest trafficking country in the world
⢠It all started with porn
⢠Iâm only 13
⢠Itâs not my child, so why should I care?
⢠Now you canât say you donât know about human trafficking

âThat was a challenging, but eye opening experience for me. I just remember people being reluctant to make eye contact with me because the situation was uncomfortable. Then, when some people finally did meet their eyes with mine, you could see the pain in their hearts. They seemed to know I was âactingâ but it seemed so real that they were actually empathizing with me and the situation I was in. I had on so much makeup that you wouldnât even know it was me. I was wearing clothing that I would never wear in public, but it was all part of the role I was playing to raise awareness.â

Other mission activities that Otero has participated in include offering small gift bags to the girls in human trafficking. The bags contain nail polish, candies, small treats and etched into the bar code of the nail polish is a toll free hotline. This number is a help-line for young girls who want to get out and get help.

Once per month their mission organization conducts block parties. Itâs a party in which they set up a place where the girls can come and be treated special. During the rainy season, the mission group hands out umbrellas. Sometimes the group takes the girls flowers, just to make them feel like ladies. Other times they offer food and meals.

âSometimes we just go out there and love on them. Thatâs what they really need is for us to love them, right where they are,â said Otero.

A LIFE FULL OF MISSION WORK | Our organization also does many other types of missionary outreach. Sometimes they minister to homeless people of all ages. âWe just go right out into the streets and love on them. The guys play soccer with the boys and the girls play Uno. The staff is very attached to many of these kids because we see them so often,â said Otero.

They invite homeless people to the base for dinner on occasion, play games, provide clothing and help them get into a rehab program if needed. They also provide medical care and help them find jobs. other times they help them reconnect with family and provide transportation to get back home.

MEXICO BOUND | Realizing all of this work she was doing was where her heart was and where God wanted her, she gained the confidence she needed to tell her parents that, not only did she not see herself going to college, but she wanted to speed up high school graduation so that she could move to Mexicoâpermanently. Her parents said that although it was a tough thing to hear from their daughter, they felt she was right where God placed her and they felt confident in her decision.

She recently graduated Discipleship Training School and returned to Mexico in late october to begin a two year commitment as a staff leader. She became certified through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and she may now be a staff member anywhere in the world within their program. Several Christian colleges give credits for the certification.

HELP HER TO HELP OTHERS | âGod has opened many doors for me to continue doing His work. among many other God ordained meetings and gatherings, this past fall I was invited to speak at Fields of Faith held at Pennington Field to over 1,000 students,â said Otero. in addition, California Pizza Kitchen donated 20% of its sales on a busy Saturday in October to help fund her mission.

You can learn more about Otero and how to support her mission work at She recently started a new blog in which she simply writes about the love of God. if you want to be inspired by an amazing young lady who is far more mature than her age, you can check out

âMy passion is for following Christ and to remain on the plan that He has for my life. I am happy to serve Him in whatever avenue He provides.â

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