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An organization with a fresh fundraising perspective honoring those who serve our communities and nation

Article by Shannon Stewart Salinsky

Ready for something new, dynamic and extreme? Heroes in Action (HIA) is proud to celebrate its inaugural event this year. Be challenged! Be humbled! Know that you’re helping a wonderful cause. Whether you choose to climb to test your limits in the tallest multi-start climb event in Texas—or honor a civil servant or military veteran—this event is for you.

The Heroes Memorial Climb is an exciting event that takes place at Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas on May 9, 2015. Climbers are encouraged to climb for a fallen brother, sister or friend. If you don’t know someone personally, the organization encourages you to research a fallen police officer, firefighter or military member in your local area and climb in their honor. Climbers who wish to represent a particular fallen firefighter/police officer/service member may do so through their own methods, such as wearing a wristband, or attaching a photo on a lanyard, firefighter helmet, etc.

A Conduit for Smaller Organizations
The vision is that HIA will help smaller nonprofit organizations with fewer resources. Funds raised at the climbing event will go to support police, fire and veteran organizations. Specifically, HIA is donating proceeds to Firefighter Andy Allison fund, Peace Officers Angels Foundation, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

As an Air Force veteran and firefighter, HIA Director Jason McClaren, knows all too well how many people need assistance. Whether it’s to assist with those injured on duty, or to help the family of a police officer, firefighter or veteran in the aftermath of a tragedy, HIA’s short term goal is to offer resources for these types of issues. Looking down the road, HIA’s long term goals are to provide supplemental resources to the families of police, fire and veterans.

“After participating in several nonprofit events and working together on many of those, we envisioned an organization that would help police officers, firefighters and veterans as well as other organizations that serve them individually,” said McClaren. “In addition to our programs, which provide equipment and training to public safety agencies, many of our fundraisers support non-profit organizations that provide other resources to organizations that support police officers, firefighters and veterans. We want to act as a conduit to aid other organizations in their goals, in addition to our own,” he said.

With that in mind, HIA directors Jason McClaren and Sheri Baldwin thought of an event management concept where any person who falls into one of their stakeholder categories can host a Heroes in Action event that can benefit the police, fire or veteran charity of their choice.

Details about the Climb
The Heroes Memorial Climb is at Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas on May 9, 2015. The Heroes Memorial Climb After-Party will be at CLOUD 9, which is located on the 55th floor of Reunion Tower. Due to Reunion Tower operations, admission is required to access CLOUD 9 and the Geo-deck at the top of the climb. Dual trip tickets will be available so spectators can greet their climber and return for the after-climb party at CLOUD 9. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your assigned start time, and keep in mind the time it will take you to find parking and get to Reunion.

Check for additional registration details and fee schedules. The entry fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person. Anyone from ages 7-70 are welcome, which makes this a wonderful family event or for groups of friends or a bonding experience for groups of colleagues.

The registration fees include access to the tallest multi-lap stair climb in Texas, training recommendations, a 2015 Heroes Memorial Climb t-shirt, a participant memento, a participant goodie bag, and last but not least—the knowledge that you are helping to raise critical funds for police, firefighter and veteran programs. Registration fees cover the climb costs so that 100% of the funds raised are given to the causes supported each year.

Stairs and Stories
There are 837 steps in the stair well and 57 stories, which is two laps. The route is from the lower level of the tower up to the Five-Sixty restaurant. Worried you can’t do two laps? Have no fear, you can stop climbing after the first lap. The stairwell winds up clockwise with 61 landings. The time it takes to finish depends on each participant’s fitness level, speed and the amount of time spent at rest areas. Top racers finish in as little as six minutes while the average participant takes from 18 to 25 minutes to finish.

Start times are assigned by wave and in theorder that entry forms are received. HIA will assign climbers a start time every 10 seconds. For special start time requests, please make note of it when you register. HIA will try to accommodate requests. Start times will be emailed, posted on the Heroes Memorial Climb Facebook page called Heroes Memorial Climb and placed on its website Wednesday May 6, 2015.

Team and Virtual Climbing
This event is something you can do on your own or with a group. If you’re climbing with at least one other person, form a team. Teams consist of two or more people coming together to race. Please note that you’re forming a team with the other person(s) name on your registration form. Create a team name when registering (click the “create a team” link) and have everybody on your team register using the same team name (click the “join a team” link).

There may be people who want to participate in this wonderful cause, but are physically unable to do so due to health reasons. Virtual climbers can sign up and collect pledges for the beneficiary of their choosing. They can also attend the opening ceremony. The fee is lower for virtual climbers since they will not get a t-shirt, memento or participant bag. What is the fee?

Need to Knows
There will be a free bag check area for personal items near the registration area. There will be water stops at the start and finish line, but there will be very few on the way up. No backpacks are allowed and due to security issues, cameras or videoing equipment is not allowed inside the stairs. Participants must bring photo ID and sign the liability waiver.

Memorial Wave
For the competitive folks, HIA offers a competitive timed wave during this event. If you’re a public safety official or armed forces member, who has lost a brother or sister in the line of duty—HIA will help you memorialize your loved one by offering a memorial wave spot.

While there is no fundraising minimum amount required to participate in the Heroes Memorial Climb, the organization encourages every climber to attempt to raise at least an additional $100 since funds are going to great organizations. Pledge collection will remain open two weeks after the climbing event.

Make plans to kick off this inaugural event in May. Bring your climbing legs and a big heart. For this event, you’ll need both!

Heroes in Action Extreme Stair Climb
Reunion Tower | May 9
this stair climb will challenge you. this stair climb will humble you. this stair climb will leave you with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment... And it’s all for a great cause!

Reunion Tower’s address is 300 Reunion Blvd. Dallas. For more information email or call (214) 856-0498.